Savour the flavor by Prerna Shahani

Savour the flavor by Prerna Shahani
Savour the flavor by Prerna Shahani

When the nationwide lockdown curbed several activities across the country, Prerna Shahani used this obstacle and turned it into an opportunity of a lifetime. Prerna founded Rustic Relish, a home-based cloud kitchen in Kolkata along with her mother Meghna Shahani in August 2020. Despite not being from a culinary background, the mother-daughter duo decided to embark on this journey as they had faith in their passion and the love for what they do was the medicine to their fear. 

Prerna who is 20 years old and a student of 3rd year, and her mother Meghna, 49, a SAT coach, didn’t have it all easy trying to balance their respective professional lives along with their startup. But the constant support and love from their family and friends kept them moving in the right direction until that support resulted in a major breakthrough. 

The struggles 

Initially, the mother-daughter came across a lot of challenges but one of the most major challenge was to be able to source top quality ingredients from the market that too amidst the lockdown. The situation also asked for extra measures like maintaining and following the strict hygiene protocol including safe and contactless delivery system. Being new to the industry, Prerna wasn’t aware of the functioning of the industry and thus found it difficult to get people who would assure her safe and contact-less delivery. To make sure she delivers nothing but perfection, Prerna has fixed multiple suppliers and also makes sure that all orders are placed 24 hours in advance so that her food is prepared only with the best quality ingredients ticking all sanitation norms strictly.

It all comes together! 

Prerna’s Rustic Relish offers a range of global cuisines like authentic Continental, Italian, Mexican, Rajasthani, South Indian, Punjabi, traditional Sindhi platters, and South-east Asian cuisines. It was founded on the basis of innovation by mixing authentic flavors and delivering soul satisfying food at the comfort of one’s home without compromising on its standard of quality. 

Other than it being crazy all along, Prerna’s startup has also been a learning experience for her. She takes care of all end-to-end operations, checks all her orders before they are handed out, and juggles the tasks of cooking and tracking between her and her mother which has made discipline a part of their everyday process.  She works on improving her menu diligently and makes sure she always has something new to offer so that it helps her to increase her client base and also be able to cater to customers craving different cuisines. Currently, they have a chock-a- block schedule delivering for small family gatherings and house parties including treat platters loaded with goodies from their innovative menu catering to her customers in Kolkata. 

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Instagram: @rusticrelish_official 

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Instagram: @rusticrelish_official 

A blessing in disguise All mistakes are blessings in disguise. Each mistake puts forward a new learning and a hope for something better in store for us. Even though Prerna had to face a lot of struggles, her number one motivation has been her determination her one track time which helped her to keep moving forward. Prerna’s journey puts forward an important message for all those aspiring to become “someone” someday, that it is the zeal and discipline which are the building blocks of becoming a successful entrepreneur, and we should never let the fear of striking out keep us from playing the game.

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