ShopClues to add ‘Made in India’ badge to showcase locally made products

E-commerce platform ShopClues is adding 'Made in India' badges on products that have been produced in the country as part of its 'Vocal for Local' efforts.
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New Delhi, Jun 10 (PTI) E-commerce platform ShopClues is adding ‘Made in India’ badges on products that have been produced in the country as part of its ‘Vocal for Local’ efforts.

The online marketplace has also launched ‘Atmanirbhar’ section on its platform that will include these locally made products across categories such as fashion, footwear, home and kitchen, electronics, jewelry and watches and groceries, among others.

“ShopClues currently has over 2,500 local merchants across India that locally manufacture their products. We have a long working relationship with these manufacturers and their operations have been verified to be indigenous over the years,” ShopClues Chief Executive Officer Sanjay Sethi told PTI.

He added that to guide buyers on ‘Made in India’ products, they have been visually tagged and will be located in the new ‘Atmanirbhar’ store.

Some of the domestic brands on the platform include Digimate, Khadi, Pause, Clymb, Darkpyro, Ikall, Sukkhi, and Patanjali.

Any brand or vendor with proof of manufacturing in India can avail this badge in 3-4 working days, Sethi said.

“We have tagged about one lakh products in the ‘Atmanirbhar Store’… This accounts for roughly 40 per cent of the total brands sold on ShopClues. We are amplifying the ‘Vocal for Local’ campaign by actively marketing our ‘Atmanirbhar’ store and ‘Made In India’ badges,” he said.

The company plans to onboard new SME manufacturers/ sellers that can use the ShopClues’ platform to merchandise products made by them.

‘Made in India’ badge is currently live on the mobile and desktop sites, and will be extended to app users soon.


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