Shubhra Chadda’s Quirky Something!


How it all started

Shubhra Chadda’s journey of being an entrepreneur wasn’t a cakewalk and the making of Chumbak took a lot of courage, putting her in many difficult situations. The idea behind Chumbak came to her when one morning she was gazing at her collection of souvenirs which she and her husband had picked from all over the world from their trips. Being a travel enthusiast, this made her think of what would people traveling to India take back as souvenirs and started thinking of the limited options available in the market. This was the beginning of her journey as she exactly knew what to do with her idea to give it a hint of India and its culture. She gathered the courage of starting something of her own in an odd time when she had just delivered her baby girl and was on a break for one year. The initial idea was to make souvenirs creative, representing vibrant colors with a touch of quirkiness to it.

She began her journey of making Chumbak in 2009. With no idea of how to run a business, Shubhra faced a lot of challenges. As her husband joined her full-time in 2011, Shubhra was on her own for a year managing every section of the company. She was looking after the funding, sales, marketing, finances, talking to the vendors, and also taking care of her baby girl as she was an infant at that time. The biggest challenge was to get the brand to grow in the market. Once she was confident about her products and its story, she along with her husband set out to find funding for the company. They were clear with the growth plan of the brand and what it would stand for so putting themselves out in the open wasn’t difficult for them. Soon the brand which had started for selling unique souvenirs, became a lifestyle brand as people started recognizing the theme of the brand and were willing to see more which led to its expansion, making it a success. 

Shubhra Chadda co-founded Chumbak, a lifestyle brand with her husband Vivek Prabhakar in 2010.   Chumbak, a unique brand with 150 stores worldwide.
Chumbak Fashion

Shubhra has been with the brand when it was just a seed putting in everything, nurturing it as a baby, and balancing her work and family life perfectly, facing all challenges and tackling them effortlessly.

How women should do it! 

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