Shubhra Chadda’s Quirky Something!


How women should do it! 

Shubhra strongly feels that it is the need of the hour that women should come out of their fears of failing at balancing both personal and professional life. She is an example of how women can not only maintain that balance but also ace at what they put their mind to. 

Her inspiring story also puts forward the role of the family in one’s journey and how it can help shape positive and healthy lives. Her husband and daughter have been her constant source of support. Shubhra’s mother has been her role model in this journey. She has encouraged her to pursue her dreams and supported her in all her decisions. 

Shubhra Chadda has shattered all forms of stereotypical views about women handling business and setting out each day to make an individual life of their own apart from their family and kids.

She is a true inspiration for all those women who want to get out there and live their dreams!

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