Space and Beauty by Driti Laxminarayanan

Space and Beauty by Driti Laxminarayanan
Driti Laxminarayanan

26 years old Driti started her entrepreneurial journey back in 2019. Her startup ‘Space and Beauty’ is growing exponentially in India and even abroad. Her journey saw major ups and downs but her passion and love for what she does helped her keep moving.  

In an exclusive interview with OoWER, Driti talks about her journey in length revealing her struggles, inspiration and vision for the company. 

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Instagram: @spaceandbeautyofficial       

Oower: What is ‘Space and Beauty’ all about? What inspired you to embark on this journey?

Driti: Space and beauty is about creating meaningful lifestyle products and at the same time being aesthetic and appealing. 

My inspiration to create this brand has been my love for design, hoarding stationery and bullet journaling. One thing led to another and this is how ‘Space and Beauty’ came into the picture.  

Oower: What were the initial struggles that you faced?

Driti: Initially I wasn’t aware of all the areas of responsibility and the set of skills required to run a business. I had to go the extra mile and work on developing new skills that would help me understand the process better. After doing an in-depth study of the process, I took care of designing, finding the vendor for raw materials, and marketing all alone. But my journey has not been completely alone. Appreciation and support from fellow artists and women like you and me helped me to keep moving forward. 

Oower: Till where is your startup expanded and how far do you wish to go?

Driti: We are currently delivering products pan India and also in US, Canada, Australia and Dubai. It has been amazing so far so much and I hope I get to make more products and connect with more people in my journey. 

Oower: What is your vision for your startup?

Driti: One of my major concerns has been to make my products stand out. This also sets the vision on how and where I see my startup. I want to make products that not only satisfy the purpose but also the eyes and soul by making a statement out of itself. 

Oower: What has this journey taught you so far?

Driti: One important lesson this journey has taught me is that learning is endless and being consistent with your work helps you understand how far you’ve developed and how far you need to go. 

Oower: One piece of advice you would like to give to all those trying to start somewhere out there!
Driti: One thing I have learned as an entrepreneur is to not be afraid to explore and take up opportunities even if that seems hard. You will never know if you won’t try it!

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