Started at 23 as co-founder and now founder of an exclusive start-up, Anushree Mittal talks about females and their stand on the entrepreneur world.


Anushree Mittal from Kolkata who started at 23 as a co-founder with another start-up made her way in full-force in the entrepreneurial world and founded @socialverve that exclusively belongs to her or as we say, is her brainchild. On her journey so far, being so closely connected with the world of entrepreneurship, meeting new people, exploring, and learning something new each day, Anushree has seen it all, and here today in an exclusive interview with @oower_org, she has talked about how is this world for female entrepreneurs like her. 

Oower:  So Anushree, without first getting at how and what goes around, tell us how did being an entrepreneur came to me? Was it natural or more like a well-given thought? 

Anushree: It would be fair to say that from the very beginning, I knew what I wanted to do and that was sure marketing and to pursue this I took a couple of basic courses, interned at different companies because I felt that the practical knowledge was what I needed. The internships really helped me sharpen my skills but becoming an entrepreneur was never part of the plan. But then the pandemic happened, and it was then when I co-founded my very first start-up and later in December founded @socialverve. Currently, I am only associated with @socialverve which I created from the scratch with few clients, and I have a great team who makes sure that we deliver what we promise. 

Oower:  We often hear that women entrepreneurs are exposed to more challenges than their male counterparts. What’s your take on this? 

Anushree: You know we all have our experiences when we become entrepreneurs, be it men or women but nonetheless, I do feel this is somewhat true. In my journey as an entrepreneur, I have come across many such similar opinions where people have pointed out that male entrepreneurs run the business better than females, and have a better hold and command over the company. But in my journey, I have met so many female entrepreneurs that are the true source of inspiration and have outshined themselves in their respective fields. I have met some successful women and I believe that female entrepreneurs are the future of India, and I am glad to be a part of this. I wish to make @socialverve the one-stop marketing agency catering to my clients the best way possible! 

Oower:  Family plays an important role in this particular area where women require a lot of support. What are your views on this? 

Anushree:  I honestly feel the family is the biggest support when a woman wants to build her own thing. Reflecting on my personal experiences, I feel family support is important and I do not mean financially, I mean mentally. Just some motivation in the way of affirmations goes a long way because it’s true that this world is always a bit harder for women and these affirmations, encouragements that someone believes in you make one confident. When we start this entrepreneurial journey as I started early, I didn’t know a lot of things and I didn’t know what obstacles would come my way.  I myself struggled and my family was there with me through thick and thin and it has made all the difference for me. So I would like to add that if you have a mother, a daughter, a sister, or a daughter-in-law who is struggling to make it on their own spare a few minutes and let them know that you believe in them and you support them. 

Oower:  Do you feel these pre-assumed notions have changed over time? 

Anushree: I wouldn’t say everything has changed but yes, of course, there have been some changes and things are in transition. I feel today when I go to meetings, some companies do have pre-assumed notions whether we will be able to handle the project or not but then some companies are very confident about us. So I think this also depends on person-to-person and their mentality.  But yes, change is taking place slowly. 

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