Startup sectors that have grown during the COVID-19 pandemic

    Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay

    The Covid-19 pandemic has struck the entire world in a complete state of lockdown. This has affected business plans drastically and the economy of many poor countries hit the rock bottom with an emerging health crisis. Amidst the ongoing crisis, some startup sectors have been doing exponentially well as they have been fulfilling the basic needs in all senses even at restricted times like these.

    Online grocery

    One of the necessities of our lives is food and to get essentials people are now rushing to the internet. Online grocery stores like Big Basket and Grofers are crashing with orders each day, and they have been trying their level best to maximize customer satisfaction with their services. From meat to fruits, they have been taking care of every bit of the process and providing completely safe, contact-less delivery. Other startups like Flipkart and Amazon have also been providing similar services helping people cope with these difficult times. 

    Online pharmacies 

    The pandemic has restricted our movement, and to make it safer online pharmacies have been a huge help. Among all other necessities, medicine is one such necessity and even at times as hard as our current situation, we cannot go a day without it. To make this task easier and safer, online pharmacies like 1mg, PharmEasy, etc provide door-step contact-less delivery. These startups have seen a rapid surge in their growth as they have been catering to a need keeping in mind all precautionary methods which is of paramount importance to people at the moment. 

    EdTech startups 

    The EdTech sector of India has seen a profound change in their growth from the first phase of lockdown. All educations institutions have been closed since March 2020 as per government policies. Digital education came into play and gained immense importance these past few months, changing the traditional method of classroom learning to a virtual one. Startups belonging to this sector like Vedantu, BYJU’s, Whitehat Jr, Unacademy, etc took this opportunity to take education to the next level by fulfilling customer needs to maximum. As students now have been left with very little options to interact and learn, these startups try to make educational sessions interactive and effective making them experience learning which is similar to classroom leaning. 

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