Stay at home: Eid

    stay at home
    Photo by Rumman Amin on Unsplash

    After a year, Eid’s here to spread happiness again. However, for the second consecutive year, the pandemic of COVID 19 has not yet left our lives in many parts of the world, especially in India where the conditions are grim due to the disease. In 2020, during Eid ul Fitr there was a complete lockdown across India due to the first wave of COVID. In 2021 although there is no nationwide complete lockdown the conditions in many ways are worse than the last year with more infections and more deaths. In light of this situation, many Islamic religious leaders, the Imams have appealed to the Muslim community in India to make this Eid as low-key as the last one.

    Most states have banned large gatherings and since the essence of Eid is to gather in large numbers to pray, that is not going to happen this year too. Most mosques in cities such as Delhi and Bhopal have closed their doors for outside worshippers and only 5 people from the mosque are to offer the prayers. Rest have been instructed to pray for home.

    So, Eid is on the 14th of May, Friday. We also discussed how most worshippers are going to offer prayers from home across the country. That’s settled, pray from home. But Eid does not end after the prayers, festivities continue throughout the day, and happiness is spread in a warm manner. People go and visit their relatives and visit places of enjoyment. Most people go to cinema halls to watch movies or visit parks. All of those cannot be done this time around but that does not mean that this results in the dampening of our moods and festive enthusiasm. Here is some of the things you can do to enjoy at home:

    1. Prepare and eat good food with your immediate family and friends. Nothing elevates our mood better than eating our favourite comfort food.

    2. Use social media to interact with your friends and family you will not be able to meet this year.

    3. Send online gifts to your relatives, e-commerce companies have a system which follows strictly the COVID protocol and things are delivered at your doorstep by keen men of hygiene.

    4. You give Eidi, right? Send Eidi online and make someone happy while celebrating the culture of Eid.

    5. Last but not the least, spend quality time with your family. Since you will take a day off work, sit with your family members. Listen to them and tell them how you feel. This pandemic has a taken a toll on all of our mental health and small things like these may help a lot in the long run.

    Those who are allowed to go to your mosques while following COVID protocols, follow the protocols strictly. Bring your own prayer mats. Carry a sanitizer and always wear your masks.

     Double masking helps too.

    Lastly, Eid Mubarak! May this Eid be a new chapter in our lives, a new beginning to a better tomorrow. 🙂

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