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Sulli Deals: A Toxic Mixture of Misogyny and Islamophobia


Our society has reached such a level of degeneracy and hostility towards women that almost every day there’s news of crime against women that would make any sane human hang their head to shame. In a disturbing display of selective misogyny targeting Muslim women, photos of hundreds of them were uploaded by an unidentified group on an app using GitHub — by the name of ‘Sulli Deals’ — on Sunday, 4 July. Sulla or Sulli is a derogatory term used to refer to Muslim men and women respectively.

The issue came to light when women saw their profiles on the websites being shared on social media, by some users as their Sulli “deal of the day”.

The platform had a repository of open-source codes. The app ‘Sulli Deals’ was created and hosted by GitHub. As per Indian media reports, it had been active for the past 20 days or so. After the outrage on social media, Github pulled the website down.

Once a user would open the app, it would post a message asking him/her to ‘Find your sulli deal of the day. The photo of a Muslim woman, as your ‘sulli deal of the day would then be shared with the user.

These photos were most likely shared from the social media accounts of different Muslim women most of whom were activists, journalists, and other influential young women among the minority political scene. It is definitely a case of extreme misogyny but the elements of islamophobia by far surpass every other element. It is a toxic mixture of Islamophobia, hatred against Muslims and objectification of Muslim women which resulted in this case.

This is not an isolated incident, a similar case happened last year when on Eid several Muslim women’s pictures from India and Pakistan were auctioned live on Twitter. It was like a live show of islamophobia and the dehumanization and objectification of Muslim women live on the public. It is also an attack on Muslim political activists to show them their place that they deserve being thirsted over, sexually harassed, bullied, and objectified just for raising their voice against the right-wing Hindu majoritarian oppression rampant across the country. Although the application was removed from Github to know that such people with such a mentality exists is beyond disturbing to even comprehend.


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