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DIY Masks For Healthy Skin This Summer Season

Maintaining your skin is pretty difficult and with the soon-coming summer season, your skin needs a bit more care to avoid skin...

Founded her own label at 25; Fashion designer Anjali Agarwal bursts some bubbles about...

Fashion designer Anjali Agarwal from Kharagpur founded her own label when she was just 25 years old and her journey of...

Top 5 Accessories everyone should own

Everyone wants to look good and presentable always. But most of them think that it might create a hole in our pockets....


2020 was quiet a different year for the fashion industry. Even the pandemic hit the world, trends were not out of...
4 reasons you need to add khadi to your wardrobe now!

4 reasons you need to add khadi to your wardrobe now!

Khadi takes us back to the period when India was bravely leading the freedom movement and this period is where this fabric...


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