The Art Box by Swati Jain

The Art Box

Swati Jain from Noida, a lawyer by profession and a self-taught artist is here to talk about her inspiring journey. From working in a conventional pattern to being her own boss, Swati made it all happen and by breaking all kinds of stereotypes surrounding artists and working mothers and founded “The Art Box by Swati Jain” 

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In an exclusive interview with OoWER, Swati spoke about her journey in detail, all her inspirations, struggles and the reality of how being an artist changed her life for good. 

Oower: We all have to start somewhere. How did you come to the realization that art is what you want to pursue? 

Swati: My biggest inspiration and my strength is my husband. The support system behind this new venture is my husband. He is the one who took my hidden talent very seriously.  During my initial days when I had started doing paintings he encouraged me a lot. I still remember he used to visit one Art gallery to another Art gallery to promoting my Art work. And due to his hard work a famous Art gallery of Delhi had bought my 6 Paintings.  I m still associated with that Art gallery.  And I believe this is so true that “Behind every successful woman there’s a great man.” and in my case that man is my husband. He always says as a lawyer you are a ordinary one but as an Artist you are extra ordinary.

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Oower: As they say, every artist has their own way. Art is a form of self-expression and it differs for each person. What is your style and what inspired you?

Swati: Although I like to do abstract, mixed media, modern Art, Mandala and Indian folk Arts but my favorite is Indian folk Arts. I love to make something unique out of waste material. I just love this creativity. I believe Artist can make this world more beautiful. As mentioned above that I love to do folk Arts and in folk Arts Madhubani is my favorite. And the reason behind this love for this specific style is Mrs. Bharti Dayal. She is the devi of Madhubani Art. When I saw very first Madhubani painting it was like love at first sight. That time I didn’t know what this Art was and who she is but that day I decided I will learn this art form. So Mrs. Dayal is my guru and her each painting is like a lesson of art for me.

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Oower: No path you choose to walk on is free of struggles. How was it for you? 

Swati: One thing I continue to face is the mentality of people. People often try to negotiate when they are buying an art piece that is hand-made. I feel people don’t understand the value of hand-made products. The hard work and time the artist puts into each piece, makes it with so much love and devotion that people sometimes tend to overlook. Being an artist and adopting it as a full-time profession is very tough job. There is no fixed income. There are situations where you aren’t sure if the hard work you have put will be reciprocated and sometimes people won’t agree to pay what you deserve but I have never let it dishearten me. I know people who see the talent and reciprocate so kudos to such people out there! 

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