The Baker’s Delight; Nupur Paul Auddy

    The Baker's delight
    Nupur Paul Auddy

    The credits to every beautiful thing created go to its creator and Nupur Paul Auddy makes sure she delivers nothing but the best. Nupur Paul Auddy founded The Baker’s Delight four years ago in June 2016. The Baker’s Delight isn’t just any regular bakery doing their regular job but it works on the motto of delivering memorable boxes of sweetness with a blend of your exotic flavors paying full attention to their client’s requirement, all baked with love and creating a personal connection that brings a smile to your face! 


    Instagram: @baker_delight.nupur

    Rough start to an amazing end

    Nupur’s work is inspired by bakers from all around the globe and with each inspiration that she gets she creates a blend of something unique that does justice to the job she has taken. But her journey of four years wasn’t easy to establish. To make her venture visible and known she had to overcome many problems. One of the major struggles that she faced was being financially independent. Nupur wanted to start on her own without taking any help from her family so whatever money she had saved like around five thousand rupees she invested it all on raw materials and bought an OTG on EMI. Those financial struggles started to fade away once she got a response from relatives, friends, and other clients via word-of-mouth, and today she owns her own space and set up where she diligently works baking with love for her clients. 


    Instagram: @baker_delight.nupur

    Delivering love!

    Nupur’s urge to deliver the best is what puts forward a new way to make things your own. She has always delivered what her clients have asked but other than that she had gone out of her way to do what the design needed rather than caring about what she has been paid. This personal connection that she builds with her clients has gained a lot of appreciation and is important to reach new heights of life. Her friends and family have been her biggest critic and support in this journey. 

    Nupur’s idea and vision has always been to learn something new, recreate, and innovate but all at affordable prices. She believes that learning is a life-long process and can never come to an end. Her constant efforts to bring a smile to her client’s faces have been her motivation to keep working hard and create magic!

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