The battle of modern allopathy versus the cultural Ayurveda: Who’s right, Ramdev or IMA?

Photo by Lisa Hobbs on Unsplash

In India, yet again, the battle of cultural Ayurveda versus modern allopathy has gained heated momentum. In an undated video, yoga guru Ramdev was heard being hostile towards the effectiveness of vaccines in treating COVID 19. The man whose company had introduced the infamous Coronil last year was indicating that vaccines have failed to save lives as tens of thousands of doctors have died despite taking both doses of vaccine. This enraged the IMA who accused the baba of attacking the integrity of the protocols of COVID treatment issued by the Ministry itself.

IMA has called Ramdev’s comments a “deliberate move to stall the efforts of vaccination” and asked the PM to stop it immediately. IMA said it is ” pained” to witness the great services rendered by nearly 10 lakhs of Modern medical doctors being ridiculed and being called as a “stupid system”.

“This in our opinion is a clear-cut case of a sedition and such persons should be booked immediately without any delay under the charges of sedition.” It further asked the PM to take appropriate action against Ramdev for challenging the Government of India’s protocols for treatment of COVID patients for his “vested interest” in his company products.

Not only did Ramdev openly challenged the eficacy of allopathic medicines, he gave out another statement saying that the authorities would never dare to arrest him. In the video he was heard saying, “Khair arrest to unka koi baap bhi nahi har sakta Swami Ramdev ko..” The IMA has threatened to file a defamation case of  ₹1000 crore against Ramdev.

This exchange of pleasantries between IMA and Baba Ramdev has been on for a few days now. The government has not uttered a word though. Ramdev has been an active supporter of BJP in the past years, he was one of the main men through whose advertisement and campaigns did BJP came to power back in 2014. Maybe this is the reason that even when Acharya Balkrishna, Ramdev’s aide, accused the president of IMA of conspiring to convert India to Christianity, the government has not been able to say much in the defence of the doctors whom they declared COVID warriors last years. 

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