The Coronavirus Pandemic: A Population Check?

Well, it’s the time when the COVID curve was expected to be flatter rather than a steep one. With the increasing cases every day,
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The outbreak of a deadly virus, Coronavirus, popularly known as Covid-19 is a highly infectious disease, a case of which first emerged in the Wuhan province of China, in December 2019. Slowly, over the course of a few months, the virus spread primarily to various other countries and has now been regarded as being one of the worst pandemics of all time that has hit the entire world and caused extreme damage globally. The transmission of this virus throughout the world has killed innumerable people. Thousands of people have lost their lives due to the unending destruction that the virus has caused. However, ever since the emergence of this extremely contagious virus has taken place, multiple theories and conspiracies have been trying to trace the causes behind the existence of such a deadly virus.

Social scientists, theorists, scholars, even the common masses, have all been engaged in finding out the actual causes behind a virus, so deadly in nature, uncontrollable, and of immense devastation. The onset of the pandemic created uncertainty regarding its existence, and this brought to the surface, multiple explanations and conspiracies. Of these, some explanations saw Coronavirus as a natural virus, but questioned its transmission from an animal to human body, asserting the reasoning on the basis of the first case in China was caused to a man who consumed bat, and the bat was assumed to be affected by the virus. There have been doubts regarding the nature of the first case, stating that the first case was present in one of the research laboratories in Wuhan, China, distant from the food marking, washing away the possibility of the spread of the virus through a bat. Moreover, another major conspiracy behind understanding the causes of Covid-19 was its consideration as a biological weapon to cause global damage and play a superficial role in the process of controlling it while the rest of the countries struggle to overcome it.

Amidst these explanations, one segment of society, consisting of social scientists, behaviorists, theorists, and scholars from academia, have approached the cause of Coronavirus in the Malthusian theory of Optimum Population. Thomas Robert Malthus is an influential English cleric, economist, and social scientist whose contribution in the field of politics, economy, and demography has been long-lasting and extremely significant. Among his other works, Malthus’ has devised a theory of population by identifying its relationship with subsistence. This theory is based on the premise that population growth, being uncontrollable would outsource food production, causing poverty in the times to come. In order to address the issues associated with overpopulation, he spoke of two kinds of checks on population, namely Preventive checks, which include man-made ways of controlling the population such as celibacy, birth control pills, etc, and the second one being Positive checks, which are applied by nature and are considered to be the will of God, in order to stop the Population, such as natural calamities, an outbreak of epidemics, famine, etc. The Malthusian theory of Population, therefore, suggests that Positive checks are applied by nature if Preventive checks fail.

The existing Coronavirus pandemic has made theorists question the virus as a positive check. It is argued that Coronavirus, however, is a combination of the Preventive and Positive check as expressed in the Malthusian theory of Population. It is believed by some scholars that China has humanly engineered the Covid 19 in order to control the ever-growing population. Scholars’ outlook on the outbreak of this pandemic is primarily based on seeing it as a means of controlling the expanding population. However, the basis of such an assumption remains unproven.

Thus, the population in the world has been growing immensely and in an extremely short course, as compared to the prior growth of the global population. These population checks trace back to the Malthusian theory, which therefore looks at Coronavirus as a means of balancing out the overpopulation. The interpretation and analysis of data have brought to the forefront the number of lives that have been wiped away due to the ongoing pandemic.

So, is the Coronavirus pandemic really a solution to the never-ending problem of the population? Is it really a population check?

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