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The Pillar behind many untold stories; Shradha Sharma

dedicated solely to telling untold stories of many start-ups and entrepreneurs.

Shradha Sharma is the founder and Chief Editor of YourStory, an online media platform dedicated solely to telling untold stories of many start-ups and entrepreneurs who have made it big.

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Her fearless journey of building her empire from scratch breaks all barriers of gender limited roles and social prejudices. This fearless woman hails from Patna, Bihar, and has completed her graduation from St Stephen’s College, Delhi, and her master’s degree from MICA Ahmedabad.

Before starting her journey in 2008, Shradha worked with The Times of India as the Brand Advisor and later on was employed by CNBC, Mumbai as Assistant Vice President. During her time at CNBC, she interacted with quite a few entrepreneurs and realized that there are so many untold stories of such inspirational figures but there are not enough mediums through which they can be brought in front of the world. She realized the need of the hour and decided to cover the untold story and struggles of such people.

Battles lost are also battles won! 

Shradha left her well paid and a stable job to start YourStory. When she first set out, Shradha was quite certain to get her stories or any form of help from the ones she had made a connection within the industry. This was one of the biggest challenges she had to face.

To get her portal started, she needed people to come and tell their stories. To her surprise, the attitude of those very same people who supported her when she was working with them, changed towards her and now she was all by herself.

This did not bring down her spirit and she remained unmoved. After struggling for quite sometime Shradha was able to get a few entrepreneurs who wanted to tell their story through her medium.

To reach where she is now, Shradha not only had to fight professional battles but personal as well. Every force in the world tested her in new ways, pulled her down but the star in her rose each time. Shradha started her journey at a time when patriarchy was profound in its force and impact but she fought against that as well. After losing her mother in 2010, she had hit a dark phase in her life, and to overcome it, she pushed herself more into work and bringing people’s untold stories to the world. Each story had a healing impact on her life. With her portal gaining popularity each day, Shradha found herself where she exactly wanted to be.

Shradha’s attitude of never giving up and believing the journey she has chosen made her the star of her life and an inspirational figure for all of those who want to stand out!

Today, YourStory has covered around 60,000 stories of entrepreneurs and startups and has its presence in 13 different languages engaging more than 10 million readers from all around the globe.

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