The Wolf of the Wall Street: Lessons to learn!

Find our lessons to learn from The wolf of Wall Street movie. It is based on the true story of Jordan Belfort .You wanna know what money sounds like?
You wanna know what money sounds like?

“You wanna know what money sounds like? Go on a trading floor on wall street”- Jordan Belfort

No doubt, if you are an investor or even have little interest, then you must have come across this movie at least once. It is based on the true story of Jordan Belfort and yes when he came the wall street was now never like before!

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The wolf of the wall street begins in the summers of 1987 in the heart of America. He is a wall street broker in L.F. Rothschild where he meets his boss Mark Hanna who introduces him to the life of drugs, women and prostitutes. On a black Monday in October, he leaves his job and starts working for Boiler Room Brokerage firm specialising in penny stocks. There he makes a huge commission by using aggressive sales pitch and strategies and makes a place for himself.

Then, while eating in a restaurant he meets his neighbour, Donnie Azhof, to start their own enterprise, naming it Stratton Oakmont, for which he hires his friends, who are super rich, then he teaches them skills and of course, it’s about making people fool. During all this, he manages to catch the attention of Forbes, which makes all young folks lusty and ready to join his firm.

During all this, he started having an affair with Naomi, which only resulted in divorcing his wife and marrying her. After gaining media attention, FBI starts investigation and catches $22 million made illegally, to save himself he opens his swiss bank account in the name of his wife’s aunt Emma. The reason being she is a british and outside the reach of U.S.A.. Then with help of his wife and Brad Bodnick having European passports smuggles money to Switzerland

During all this, Donnie picks up a quarrel with Brad, which got Brad arrested and Donnie runs away. Jordan’s private investigator told him that the FBI is keeping a check on all his phone calls, and his dad advises him to leave his own firm and which he later on did.

Aunt Emma dies while they were having vacation time in Italy, forcing him to go to Switz to get his money back, and his yacht got caught in a storm and realises this as a sign from god.

After few years, FBI arrests Saurel, a corrupt banker under some charges which makes strong evidence against Jordan, and after all this Naomi leaves him taking custody of their daughter.FBI has Jordan wear wire to work, gives a warning note to Donnie, only to realise that FBI has charged him under being non cooperative with them.

And he is given an imprisonment of 36 months, once he gets out,lives a pretty living off from sales techniques and seminars.

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