‘Think beauty, Think Zero Gravity’; Sania Singh

Zero Gravity Aesthetics

Sania Singh founded Zero Gravity Aesthetics with Harpreet Singh in 2017. This Gurugram based startup was founded in 2017 with an innovative idea of importing cosmetics, skincare, hair-care, and beauty products from across the globe to their clients in India. All products are completely genuine, authentic, safe, and non-toxic. Products associated with this startup are FDA approved which makes it 100% reliable. The main focus of the company is to deliver quality products to its clients.

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Sania’s father and uncles are all into a business and that always intrigued her. She looked up to them as mentors and always took their advice to work things out. It was when she noticed that bloggers and influencers on social media handles promote brands that were unavailable in India realizing how problematic it is to procure products from these brands. She wanted to build a market for these products in India for women that would cut down the process of paying excessive shipping charges in order to own these products. To make it possible to reach every customer and fulfill their requirements, the startup has a team of skilled marketing and sales professionals who work extensively to partner with brands, look after the terms of trading and create brand awareness.

For every legal activity involved with the startup is taken care by Sania’s father Harpreet and the other people associated with the startup are Rashika Singh and Ravneet Singh Chabbra.

What the brand offers?

The brand is highly focused on customer satisfaction and this motto drives them to get every brand onboard which people usually find difficult to reach. For the brands to collaborate with them the company offers customized business plans to brands for them to set their foot in the Indian market. They only go for brands that offer authentic, safe, and non-toxic products making sure the quality is never compromised.

Sania Singh is an inspiration to all entrepreneurs who are trying harder each day to make their place in the entrepreneurial word. Before starting in 2017, she began planning how she would proceed with her idea and it took her 2-3 years to make her dream a reality. Patience and believe are two most important elements of establishment and any person who takes this path becomes an achiever for life!

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