To all women entrepreneurs out there…

    Image by Igor Link from Pixabay

    This women’s day we at oower want to begin on a strong note about women empowerment and instead of comparing how we still have a long way to go, we want to put forward a new perspective. Women empowerment surely has a long way to go before it can exist without having to talk about it but today as women’s day is approaching we want to thank and make our small community of women entrepreneurs remind how strong and beautiful their journey has been they had their back and we only wish they always do. 

    #Thank you for never taking no

    Making a change or being that change is never easy. This women’s day we dedicate to all those women who didn’t take no for an answer and stood for themselves no matter what it took from them. We thank you wholeheartedly for making other women also believe in themselves and being a true source of inspiration.

    #Thank you for giving your dreams utmost importance

    The world maybe be unfair to a woman but what makes a difference is how a woman sees herself first. While many of us are still working towards making our needs and wants a priority, some of them have successfully done so making us believe in the fact that it is not bad neither selfish to put yourself and your dreams first, normalising the fact that women do not need to stop chasing their dreams in order to look after other parts of their life. 

    #Thank you being your own shield

    Creating boundaries and protecting your rights even from those closest to you is never easy but choosing to protect those very rights and being a voice is quite courageous. This women’s day we thank all those women who were there for themselves when no one else was and we also thank those who stood there backing their courage at all times. The end result of every right thing may not always be right but a strong support system is what makes a journey better. 

    #Thank you to all those families who have their back 

    Sometimes when women decide a path to walk on, support from their families can be overwhelming for them and this support is all they need to shine brighter and better. We also want to deliver our thanks to those families who treat the women in their house, circle, or neighborhood with utmost importance pushing them each day to run towards their goals and encouraging them to be a better version of themselves. 

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