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Vestapace to launch 35 satellites for 5G network in India, eyes commencing operation by 2021

Indian space startup

New Delhi, May 26 (PTI) Indian space startup Vestaspace Technology on Tuesday said it will start launching over 35 satellites from September onwards to facilitate pan-India 5G service, with an aim to make the next-gen network operational by early 2021.

Vestaspace Technologies founder and CEO Arun Kumar Sureban said a beta version of the next-generation satellite constellations is planned for September 2020, besides the launch of a fully operational constellation of satellites in early 2021 into ‘Low-Earth-Orbit or Geosynchronous Equatorial Orbit’.

“We will be launching a constellation of over 35 satellites for pan-India coverage of 5G services. Through this, we are also trying to replace need of fibre network. Any 5G phone will be able to get signal from satellites directly. We expect to start operations in early 2021,” Sureban said.

The company is in talks with the Department of Telecom for spectrum in 28 Ghz band for 5G operations, he said.

“To solve the complex system and to provide 5G internet network solutions to the urban, rural and unserved regions, we have positioned 8 ground stations and 31,000 data receptors all over India. This is made possible with the help of accurate positioning and telemetry related activities,” Sureban said.

Vestaspace secured USD 10 million funding from US-based Next Capital LLC, an American investment and advisory firm to expand the reach of Vestaspace innovative solutions across India and the world.

Sureban said the company has also been working with ISRO, NASA and other leading space agencies on various strategic projects which will help Vestaspace to expand globally.

“We will start operations in India first. We will provide service to telecom operators and internet service providers who will sell it further to end customers,” he said.

Source: PTI


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