What happened in Lebanon? Here’s the entire report


Several videos were released that showed two blasts, a small one followed by a larger one which shook Lebanon’s capital city Beirut on Tuesday. Till now the death toll has gone up to 78 leaving around 4000 people injured and the numbers are expected to increase.  Many have got medical aid but some are still believed to be stuck amid the dust and ruins. The blast has caused destruction in a large scale leaving 25,000 or more homeless. The intensity of the blast was so severe that it could be heard 125 miles (ca. 201 km)away in Cyprus. The blast is also being compared to Hiroshima and Nagasaki’s nuclear disasters. Beirut’s hospitals have been flooded with patients making it difficult to treat all due to shortage in medical facilities. Some images have been tweeted showing patients being treated at a parking lot. 

What caused the explosion? 

The reason for the explosion is believed to be ammonium nitrate which is used in bombs as well as fertilizers. 2,750 tonnes of ammonium nitrate caused this explosion which was kept in the warehouse since 2014. The storage of such harmful chemicals was  not done considering proper safety measures which led to the massive explosion. The second blast was stronger than the first one and it shook buildings, cars overturned, windows and glasses broke, covering the city in pile of smoke and dust, injuring thousands and killing hundreds, it created havoc and chaos in the city. 

Several countries have also come forward to provide a helping hand to Lebanon. Countries like U.S., France, Qatar, Iran, U.K. and even Israel who is believed to be technically at war with Lebanon all came together to provide assistance. 

Lebanon’s Prime Minister released its statement on the explosion and said that those responsible for this explosion would pay a price and all facts will be brought in front of the people. He further added that an investigation would be conducted regarding the warehouse storing such harmful chemicals for 6 years.  A national mourning day was also declared by the Prime Minister on Wednesday for the victims of the blast. 

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