our country, India, stands at the fourth position.

    Well, worldwide the case toll is now more than 88,22,000 with over 4,64,000 deaths. Whereas, our country, India, stands at fourth position with around 6400 daily new cases being reported! With the total reporting of over 13,000 deaths, the recovery rate is more than 2,18,000 against the active cases of over 1,70,000. 

    Going statewide, the highest stand Maharashtra with over 1,24,000 cases followed by Tamil Nadu and then the capital, Delhi. In a recent statement by Arvind Kejriwal, he mentioned that going by the statistics, the state may reach 5,00,000 cases at the end of July!

    Considering the rises in cases every day, the need for precautionary steps is higher than ever! So, let’s have a look below!

    •  As prescribed by many health experts, it is highly advisable to stay indoors unless necessary, especially for children below 10 years, pregnant ladies and old age people
    •  As the research of vaccines is still going on, it is prescribed to go for ayurvedic methods for boosting immunity like- basil and neem leaves, Ashwagandha, Giloy, and Raw Haldi.
    •  In workplaces, their needs to be an extra step for prevention like maintaining at least 1 meter of distance, no handshake, using masks, avoiding face-to-face conversations, no hugging, using sanitizers, etc..
    •  Once you have purchased vegetables, fruits, and other groceries, it is advisable to wash them properly using gloves and disposing of them off thereafter.
    •  According to guidelines passed on unlocking phase 1.0, many shopping malls, restaurants have been opened but avoid eating outside, partying, and gatherings.
    •  Considering the times today, it is advisable to prevent purchasing from online platforms as it passes through many stages of human interaction unless necessary 
    •  While going out, avoid carpooling and public transport as these both are considered super spread areas.
    •  On grocery shops, chemist shops, it is prescribed to sanitize and do thermal check on every customer before they enter the space
    •  In the workplace or rather say anywhere, always carry your food and water bottle as much as possible
    • At last but not least, installing of Aarogya Setu app would be highly beneficial as it will notify you then, and there only if you come in contact with an infected patient.

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