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Why fewer women enter the entrepreneurial world in India

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Over the years the stereotypical norms which were subjected by the society on women have taken a turn. The women of today have taken over new roles and changed the norms of “how to be a woman”, drastically. While some women have made it big in the entrepreneurial world, as per the statistics the number of men outnumbered the number of women. 

Reasons for disparity 

  • Women aren’t exposed to the same amount of opportunities as men in India. The stereotypical role of a woman being a homemaker and the primary caregiver of the child makes women adhere to only one type of role. Their movements and ideas regarding anything outside this realm are highly judged making them feel less confident. Their lack of confidence prevents them from engaging in any risk-taking behavior and exploring their truest potential by doing something out of the box which the entrepreneurial world requires. 
  • Being a woman entrepreneur is difficult as the challenges one comes across is not the same as their male counterparts. The business world is quite used to working under men as their bosses and taking orders from them. When women get on the ground as entrepreneurs and manage every part of their business on their own, the people working under them are sometimes hesitant in taking orders. This is not the only challenge women face when they enter the entrepreneurial world. The main task is to make people believe who is going to be a part of their journey is the commitment they have towards their idea. Many people assume that women would jeopardize their careers when they start a family and assume they would back out when the situation arises which makes women difficult to set their foot. 
  • Since childhood women are exposed to thoughts that make them think that having ambitions is not too feminine. They are taught that choosing a life outside their family and children is being irresponsible and selfish. Very often, even among our close friends or relatives, we come across women who have said no to a transfer or a promotion in the fear of being burdened with more responsibility which can slightly shift their focus to work making them look selfish and careless. Women are made to believe that standing up for oneself and having a life of their own especially after marriage is something they should feel guilty about.


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