Why is there an increase in COVID count despite lockdown?

Well, it’s the time when the COVID curve was expected to be flatter rather than a steep one. With the increasing cases every day,
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Well, it’s the time when the COVID curve was expected to be flatter rather than a steep one. With the increasing cases every day, it is now becoming totally impossible for anybody to control the situation.

During lockdown 1.0, when the situation was very much in control, the curve was flat and observed the least cases. With every passing day, the cases are now skyrocketing. Now, the Maharashtra state has surpassed the number of china and Delhi is expected to have 5.5 lakh cases by the end of July.

Have you ever thought about the reasons? So, let’s discuss

  1. The major reason without any doubt is the lack of testing; which in turn results in infecting more and more people because they are totally unaware of themselves being infected from COVID.
  1. The data of infected patients is coming out very late which in turn is delaying all the decisions of the government. Amidst this delay, they are unable to analyze the correct amount of data and better precautionary methods
  1. Many states are even complaining that they had no news of lockdown due to which they couldn’t make better arrangements if they would have known, the condition would have been under their control
  1. The unlock phase 1.0 which was observed from June 8, 2020, happened when the cases were skyrocketing because the economy was already crashing, and due to which the movement of people started rapidly.
  2. Some people even after observing symptoms are just not ready to accept themselves being infected and not getting themselves tested, which caused a peak in the cases
  1. In urban areas, people are still aware of this virus and know the procedures but in rural/village areas due to lack of awareness, they are even unaware of anything by the name COVID.
  2. By the statement of health professionals, because of the non-availability of vaccines, the cases will keep on rising until the herd immunity develops.
  3. Observing our Indian culture, people generally live in a joint family, due to which the chain keeps on increasing rather than a break in it.

We all are aware that the lockdown has been lifted but the virus will now be at its peak in next two months, so, it would be safe if we stay at home because we are more privileged than others, and staying at home is the least we can do to protect ourselves and others!

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