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Yes bank’s share jumps more than 55 %

Yes Bank

Yes bank shares jumped more than 55 intraday and is currently trading at 55.70 with a gain of 20.70 points. Share reached intra day high of 63.56 in early trading hours. In the Dec quarter result company had announced it’s gross NPA has increased to 4,070,920 lakh rupees (18.87%).

Private sector lender’s share is on rise since it reached a low of 5.65 on 6 march after Government’s approval of SBI led consortium to rescue cash strapped bank. India’s largest public sector bank is investing 7500 cr for 49 percent stakes in Yes bank.

Bank had reported on 14 march huge losses of 18,560.31cr for dec quarter.Bank is having gross NPA 4,070,920 lakh rupees (18.87%) and net NPA 1,111,472 lakh (5.97%) . In the Dec quarter of 2018 , the bank had gross NPA 515,862 lakh rupees (2.10%). It means companies’ non performing assets have increased almost 8 times in the last 12 months.

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