Youngest billionaires of India

The country's foreign exchange reserves swelled to a lifetime high of USD 490.044 billion, mainly on account of a rise in foreign currency assets
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A unicorn start-up is a company whose valuation is over $1 billion. Well this is something big to achieve  those entrepreneurs and many start-ups in India have been able to achieve this. Some of the young start-ups billionaire founder have become household names in our country.

Find out Youngest billionaires of India

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With a current worth of 170 Crores USD, stands Byju Raveendran the founder of learning app BYJU’S. His idea wasn’t built in a day, his journey began when he started teaching mathematics in 2006 to students to help them in passing their exams. Then in 2011, over the time he builds an app which was named Think and Learn to impart online education to all classes and even for competitive exams.

In August 2015, after 4 successful years, he launched his app with his initial name and it was downloaded more than 2 million times within 3 months only. In 2016, the app was awarded as the “Best app for self-development” in play store ratings. By 2018, the app had 15 million users and 900,000 paid ones. By 2020, he made into the FORBES list of billionaires all over the world.

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