Zodiac signs of famous Indian billionaires

The country's foreign exchange reserves swelled to a lifetime high of USD 490.044 billion, mainly on account of a rise in foreign currency assets
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Well, most of us think that only hardships are determinant of a person’s success but little do we realize the importance of luck and stars!

  1. Riteish Agarwal

Photo credit: Financialexpress.com

Known as the youngest and brilliant mind of the nation, Riteish, owner of OYO stands at the current worth of 7800 Crore. He was born in Zodiac sign, Scorpio, which indeed defines his personality. People born in this zodiac sign are considered very stubborn and have a very high zeal of achieving their goals. As the lord of this sign is Mars, which is also considered very aggressive and impatient, so, in case of failure in achieving their goals they might turn very aggressive and surround themselves in a very negative environment.

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